What I learned during my first 3 months at Hanno

A short story about my new work life at Hanno, and how I managed to get out of my comfy dark developer cave

I’ve become more transparent than a window pane

Working remotely requires that you’re always transparent. I mean, I’ve been working remotely for a couple of years now, actually, but in the past, never cared too much about being transparent, and letting other people know what I’m up to. I thought that I could just do my thing, as long as I keep all the plates spinning.

I started anchoring like a hero

When someone assigns you a tricky task that you don’t like the look of, it’s easy to pass on responsibility to someone else by changing the task assignee. I quickly learned that at Hanno this is a no-go.

I’m speaking to the scary client, eh, awesome people!

As a web developer I used to very rarely get in touch with clients. Was that good, or bad?

  • Bad: I locked myself in a dark cave, but even worse, I left all of the communication to the client-facing project manager, who was not the person who actually completed the work.

I’m setting and achieving goals, even my own ones!

It’s not a secret to many of my friends that I enjoy trying out new life-improving habits. But I also find it hard to find the right people with who I can share this passion.

Rapidly changing routine

According to Matt we’re not innovative.

The next 3 months

Phew. With all of this and a lot of other stuff that doesn’t fit here, I’m very excited to be working at Hanno. We’re currently distributed across 3 different continents, and I feel that our team spirit is better than ever before.

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